What is a Lucy-Mae VIP?

A Lucy-Mae VIP is someone who is a lover of all things pretty, someone who loves to make a statement, and someone who is naturally chic.

Lucy-Mae VIP’s love telling stories through the adornments they wear on their bodies. 

Lucy-Mae VIP’s are all of the above but they are also;

  • Special
  • Unique
  • Vivacious
  • Smart
  • Effervescent

Are you a Lucy-Mae VIP? Want to be one?

Bracelet - combination set - Ellie 2
Necklace - Harper - minimilistic gold ring 3

Why should you join the VIP program?

  • You’ll receive R50 off your first order.
  • You’ll be the first to know of new products, amazing giveaways, and specials.
  • You’ll also be the first to know about sales.
  • You will have first option to buy sample products at discounted prices.
  • You will get an exclusive look at our new product ranges before they go live to the public. 


How to become a Lucy-Mae VIP.

  1. Go like our Facebook Page
  2. Follow us on Instagram
  3. Join by completing the form below.

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