Care Instructions


Lucy-Mae plated products are plated in semi-precious metals; 18k Gold, Rose Gold, and 925 Sterling Silver. They are finished off with a protective coat to enhance the lifetime of the jewellery. These are special pieces of jewellery and so, it is important to follow our care instructions to ensure your items stay bright and shiny for long. 


At Lucy-Mae our base metals are solid 925 sterling silver, bronze, copper, and brass. Each item’s product description will contain the metals that it is made up of. All sterling pieces are stamped with a 925. 

Semi-precious stones

We use an assortment of semi-precious stones that are adorned and cut to suit each design. These stones are natural and so colours and textures will vary slightly from item to item. That’s what makes them so special.

Polishing cloth

Polishing cloths for your jewellery can be purchased in our store. We highly recommend polishing your jewellery with a cloth to keep your items looking like new. 


All Lucy-Mae jewellery comes with a 3 month warranty from the date of invoice. Lucy-Mae will not be responsible for any damage caused due to improper care and maintenance of the products. Returns and exchanges will only be accepted on manufacturing faults. 

Our warranty does not cover damage resulting from any:

Abusive Knocks 
Wear and tear
Ageing and tarnishing

If you have any questions or concerns about your beautiful Lucy-Mae jewellery pieces please feel free to contact us Our team is always happy to help!

General care 

Lucy-Mae jewellery is made from various metals including 925 sterling silver with 18k Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold plating and semi-precious stones. Please follow our care instructions to preserve the lifespan of your beautiful jewellery.

Avoid contact with corrosive liquids and chemicals (sea water, moisturiser, chlorine, perfume, and sweat). Consistent contact with these kinds of liquids will damage your jewellery over time. 

Keep your jewellery stored out of direct sunlight.

Do not expose your pieces to extreme humidity (sauna’s and bathrooms).

In very humid environments make sure to polish your jewellery more frequently.

Displaying jewellery in humid conditions or under strong lighting/direct sunlight will accelerate tarnishing. Be sure to polish the pieces regularly when on display.

If storing jewellery for long periods of time, use a zip lock bag to help prevent tarnishing. 

Some of our cuffs, rings, and bracelets are made to be adjustable, however these beautiful items don’t like being forcefully bent or rough handled. We will not be responsible for replacing any adjustable items due to mis-handling.